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No two births are alike—and we at the RAMC Birth Center wouldn’t have it any other way! With patient satisfaction scores well above the national average, we are honored to be your source for superior labor, delivery, postpartum, and newborn care.

RAMC Birth Center — Where women and families come first.

Our mission is to provide high quality, evidence-based, safe and satisfying care by respecting choices and offering a full range of safe options for birth. We provide professional and compassionate labor support and when needed, use appropriate technology to achieve quality and optimal birth outcomes.

We strive to create an environment where the special event of labor, delivery, postpartum and newborn care will be memorable and safe event for all. 

Staff provide patient and family education that is sensitive to age, culture and community. The latest research is utilized and continued education is valued to ensure the best care is given to all patients. We are here to help you travel through your Journey to Parenthood.

Why choose RAMC?

Private Birthing Suites: Beautiful, homelike, private suites where you will stay during labor, birth and postpartum. These family-centered suites were designed with you in mind; allowing for a private birth experience with enough room for your family or support group to share in all phases of your baby’s birth.

Experienced nurses: Our Birth Center is staffed by Registered Nurses with over 200 combined years of experience. All of our nurses are certified in basic life support, advanced life support in obstetrics, neonatal resuscitation, stabilization care of sick infants and advanced monitoring. We also have nurses who are certified car seat technicians and will guide your family through all stages of child passenger safety.

Private postpartum rooms: After the birth of your baby you have the option to move into a cozy postpartum room with a queen-sized bed to begin your family’s bonding. 

Individualized Care: From water birth to pain relief to when you’d like to eat, RAMC recognizes that you are in control of your experience, and that means letting you decide what’s best whenever possible.

Support: Doulas, lactation consultants, and the physical and mental support you need are all here at RAMC. 

Extras: Obviously the most exciting part of giving birth will be meeting your new baby, but we like to celebrate your achievement with gifts for you. These include massages, newborn photos, a swaddle sleep sack, and a gift bag from Nuk. 

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Water Birth

Imagine this: The miracle of birth enhanced by the calming effects of water. Our Birth Center will accommodate women’s personal choices in birth.

During a water birth, you will experience the comfort and weightlessness of the warm water. The water is soothing and relaxing and may assist in easing discomfort. The water creates a wonderful barrier to the outside world. Moving and easily changing position assists women in having control of your own birth. Water births are a gentle way for babies to enter the world, going from water to water, then mother’s arms.

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