• Labor and Delivery

Our qualified, skilled and experienced nurses strive to provide high quality, safe and satisfying care for women by respecting choices and honoring family and cultural needs through a full range of safe options for birth. 

We strongly encourage you to be an active participant in the planning of your baby’s birth.  Going to all of your prenatal appointments, attending your Pre-Birth Conference, and participating in Prepared Childbirth class are all great ways to have your questions and concerns addressed. Of course, the Birth Center nurses are always here for you, both day and night, when things come up during pregnancy, labor, and once you go home. We are only a call away!  768-6251.



Options available to you

You have a lot of options when it comes to how you’d like to labor and deliver your baby.  From water births to epidurals, birthing balls and essential oils, the Birth Center staff are here to provide you with the labor and delivery experience that you desire.  Our nurses are doula trained, which means they specialize in providing guidance and support for the laboring woman. 

We recognize that each patient is different, and each labor is different.  Some of the options that your nurse may suggest:

Aromatherapy.  Essential oils have been used throughout history for their relaxing and calming benefits.  We provide a variety of essential oils and diffusers for your use in the Birth Center.

Birthing balls.  We have a variety of shapes and sizes of birthing balls for your use during labor to aid in comfort and positioning.

Large soaking tubs.  Warm water is a great way to relax both during labor and after delivery.

Music.  Each room is equipped with a radio/CD player/TV/DVD player.  We have a several of CDs with relaxing music to choose from.

Walking. If your pregnancy and labor are uncomplicated, walking around our beautiful campus is a great activity!

Various positions.  From standing, to rocking, kneeling and squatting, your nurse will advise of the different positions that are recommended for you to try during labor. 

Wireless Fetal Monitor (Novii).  For women who need continuous fetal monitoring during labor, this option gives you the freedom to be able to move about out of bed.

Water Birth.  For women with an uncomplicated pregnancy and labor, you may choose to deliver in the water.  Water is soothing and has a calming and relaxing benefit.  Discuss with your healthcare provider to determine if water birth is for you.

Epidural.  This option of pain control is for laboring women who are looking for a longer-term pain relief option.

Nitrous Oxide.  Great for those desiring pain control while also being mobile out of bed.

IV pain medication.  Women who would like to “take the edge off” their labor pains may choose this option.

VBAC/Cesarean Delivery (C-Section).  Whether you plan to have a C-section or the need is unexpected, our surgical cesarean suite is readily available.