• Nutrition Services

A regular, well-balanced diet has many positive affects on a person’s overall health. It ensures you feel your best and have energy throughout the day, and it can help prevent and control many healthy problems including heart disease and high blood pressure. Our nutritional services may be covered by your insurance with a physician referral. Call 608-768-6214 for more information.

That’s why RAMC offers outpatient consultations for any type of nutritional need. We can help patients follow special diets related to conditions like; diabetes, weight management, lipid management.

And for those who may not have a specific condition they are trying to control, we can review your current diet, help you establish goals and find effective approaches to simply maintain a healthier diet.

Meet our Dietitian, Valerie Seep

Valerie Seep, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Valerie is available for outpatient consultations for your special nutrition needs. She can provide help with your individual nutritional needs for gastrointestinal diseases, celiac, weight management, heart disease, prenatal and breastfeeding nutrition. Services may include reviewing your current diet, establishing goals and approaches to a healthier diet, finding other resources available, and providing written information.

Some insurance coverage may be available with a physician referral. We can help you find out if your insurance may cover a visit.