• Before the Birth

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed with your provider, the RAMC Physician’s Group staff will call the Birth Center to set up your first appointment to meet with your Birth Center Nurse Navigator. Our Birth Center nurse navigators are Registered Nurses who are dedicated to giving you and your family individual guidance through all steps of  your journey - from early pregnancy through delivery and home. During this meeting we will address any concerns and questions you have. The Pre-Birth Conferences are held at the Birth Center. Call for an appointment 608-768-6251.

What to expect at your first appointment

  • Schedule a tour of the Birth Center
  • Discuss pregnancy/baby development
  • Review the information in your prenatal book
  • Provide information about prenatal testing
  • Discuss the best nutrition/exercise for you and your baby
  • Discuss options for Childbirth Education
  • Discuss the start of your birth plan (water birth, pain control methods including IV pain meds, nitrous oxide and epidural, etc
  • Connect you with resources available as needed, such as WIC (Women, Infants and Children), PNCC (Prenatal Care Coordination), Insurance, and breast pump coverage
  • Discuss a local pediatrician/family physician for your newborn
  • Review the Introduction to breastfeeding
  • Determine your Insurance Coverage

Your Pre-Birth Conference

As your due date approaches, your nurse navigator will meet with you again for your Pre-Birth Conference. This is required for all patients, even if you have given birth here before, to ensure a smooth admission at the time of your labor.

The meeting will take less than one hour and needs to be completed between 32 and 40 weeks for all patients delivering here. 

At this meeting, we will:

  • Complete your health history
  • Discuss ways we can help make your birthing experience enjoyable for you (review birth plans if you have one)
  • Discuss procedures that will occur and complete consent forms as necessary
  • Complete Water Birth education which is required for those desiring this option
  • Provide sibling support if requested
  • Continue education and answer questions that you may have

The Next Step: Education