Recent Newborns

Welcome to the World, Little One!

When you welcome your special arrival into the world at Reedsburg Area Medical Center, you have the special opportunity to announce your baby's arrival through our free, online birth announcement service!

Image Name Date Weight Length
Jasmine Faith 07/15/20198 lbs 11 oz20 inches
Brody James Robert 07/12/20199 lbs 3 oz21 inches
Charlotte Rose 07/12/20198 lbs21 inches
Chloe Nina 07/10/20197 lbs 2 oz20 inches
Addison Leona 07/09/20198 lbs 4 oz20.25 inches
Danibella Jamileth 07/06/20196 lbs 3 oz18.5 inches
SummerLeigh Paige 07/05/20197 lb 5 oz19.5 inches
Brexley Jane 06/27/20198 lbs 3 oz20 in
Clara Mackenzie 06/26/20198 lbs 10 oz20 inches
Zoey Darlene 06/21/20197 lbs 1 oz20.5 inches
Isla-Mae Elaine Ann 06/21/20198 lbs19.5 inches
Gavin Joseph 06/19/20197 lbs 13 oz21 inches
Alaress Kolt 06/17/20196 lbs 15 oz20 inches
Rowan Lynn 06/13/20195 lbs 14 oz18.5 inches
JoLeigh Christine 06/13/20198 lbs 10 oz20 inches
Harrison Royce 06/08/20198 lbs 14 oz19.5 inches
Owen Michael Robert 05/31/20199 lbs 4 oz20.5 inches