• Water Birth

Our Birth Center is pleased to accommodate a woman’s choice during labor and delivery. Water birth is an option that is available to women who are experiencing an uncomplicated pregnancy and labor.

During water birth, a laboring women experiences comfort and weightlessness of the warm water. The water is soothing and relaxing and may assist in easing discomfort. Laboring women are able to move and change position easier in the large delivery tub. Some women even choose to have their support person in the tub with them. Water births are a gentle way for babies to enter the world, going from water to water, and then to mother’s arms.

If you are interested in water birth, talk to your healthcare provider to determine if it is an option for you. During your Pre-Birth Conference appointment, you will be given more information about water birth, including watching a short educational DVD. Water birth will be discussed in detail and you will be shown the special delivery tub.

Warm water is a great way to ease discomfort during labor, even if you do not desire a water birth. Large soaking tubs are available to use during your labor to help with relaxation and comfort.