• Water Birth

Imagine this: The miracle of birth enhanced by the calming effects of water. Our Birth Center will accommodate women’s personal choices in birth. 

During a water birth, you will experience the comfort and weightlessness of the warm water. The water is soothing and relaxing and may assist in easing discomfort. The water creates a wonderful barrier to the outside world. Moving and easily changing position assists women in having control of your own birth. Water births are a gentle way for babies to enter the world, going from water to water, then mother’s arms.

Women must attend a preparation class in the Birth Center. This class includes viewing a water birth video, a birth center tour, and discussing water birth at length.

Is Water Birth for You?

Water births are for healthy women expecting an uncomplicated birth at term. The tub is used for women in active labor whose baby is in the head down position. Problems in labor may require getting out of the tub. Other conditions which will prevent water birth include:

  • Twins
  • Any condition requiring continuous fetal heart rate monitoring
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Need for instrument delivery
  • Need for medicine to strengthen contractions
  • Fever or other evidence of infection


Interventions such as monitoring are kept to a minimum during labor and birth and are done as needed. Although epidural anesthesia is not available during water birth, other pain medication can be given through an IV.

We welcome you and your family to visit the Birth Center for a guided tour of the water birth room and our unit, watch the water birth video, and have all your questions answered. If you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy and are considering natural childbirth, Discuss the option with your provider and they will help you decide whether water birth is the right choice for you. 

Additional Resources
Water Birth International—www.waterbirth.org