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Deanna D. Benish, MD
Family Medicine / Obstetrics

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"Very little compares to the sound of a newborn baby and every time I hear it I am still invigorated. It is probably why the tiring practice of providing obstetrical care to patients is still my favorite part of being a family doctor. I knew that I wanted to assist women in having babies after seeing my first birth. The miracle of life occurs everyday, and I have the distinct pleasure of sharing that experience with families of all shapes and sizes.

Growing up in a small Midwest town has its advantages. You know your neighbors... you walk to school... you play baseball in your yard until dusk. These are the things that have endeared me to small-town life. When I decided to go into medicine, it was only natural that a rural family medicine practice is where I would practice, and Reedsburg has been a great fit for me."    Dr. Deanna Benish

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