• Nurse Navigator

About your Pre-Birth Conference

During this meeting, any questions and concerns you have will be addressed. You will get connected with any resources you may need, including Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, Prenatal Care Coordination (PNCC), Nurse Family Partnership (NFP), and deciphering breast pump coverage. You will also be assisted  to register for  Prepared Childbirth Class, if this is of interest to you and your support person. If you need assistance with proper installation of your baby’s car seat (and/or any siblings), a free car seat check will be arranged with one of our certified child passenger safety technicians.

Your Nurse Navigator will review your health history with you. Your birth plan will be discussed, and options for your labor, delivery and postpartum stay will be presented for your consideration. Consent forms will be reviewed and signed. If you are considering a waterbirth delivery, your Nurse Navigator will discuss this plan of care in depth. You will have the opportunity to tour our Birth Center during your Pre-Birth Conference. 

To set up your Pre-Birth Conference with your Nurse Navigator, please call the Birth Center at 608-768-6251.