• Safe Haven

Safe haven for newborns

The founding purpose and continuing mission of Safe Place for Newborns is to save the lives of newborns in danger of abandonment and to help preserve the health and future of their mothers. 

Reedsburg Area Medical Center is a participant in the Safe Place for Newborns program, meaning women in crisis can leave their newborn (up to three days old) with any hospital employee – no questions asked. 

Infants given up under the law must be left with an employee (clearly identified by a visible name badge). The law requires that the mother place the baby in the arms of an employee and state that the baby is being left with the Safe Place for Newborns. Infants may not be left in an entrance or other public or private location at a Safe Place for Newborns site. 

It is preferred that women choose to deliver safely in a hospital in order to provide appropriate care and avoid negative outcomes. The safe haven law does allow a woman to safely deliver her infant in a hospital and still choose safe haven as an option.