• RAMC Farmers Market

Rules for Vendors:

Welcome Visitors and Vendors to the RAMC Farmers Market!

Market open May through October, 10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Front lawn of RAMC

  • Market is open Friday, 10am – 3pm. Please refrain from setting up earlier than 8:30 am and please take down no later than 3pm.
  • Market is open May – October, depending upon weather and lawn conditions. Note that it is your choice to sell during inclement weather, however, IF THE LAWN IS SOGGY OR COULD OTHWEWISE BE DAMAGED BY SELLING ON THE LAWN, WE ASK YOU DO NOT SELL UNTIL THE LAWN IS DRY AND SAFE. You may NOT sell anywhere on the parking lot or inside the building.
  • The City of Reedsburg is not requiring a fee to sell at this and other Reedsburg markets.  They do require a license which you must post while you are selling. Again, there is no charge for this license. If you do not have a license already, please see attached. You must complete the application and have your license posted the next time you sell at our market. You can turn this application in at the City of Reedsburg office during regular business hours or any time/any day and the Reedsburg Police Department.

    Click here for the application
  • Be courteous to all vendors in every way, at all times including by setting booths up so they do not block or interfere with other booths. Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Political or religious displays, advertisements and/or solicitations of any other kind are not allowed.
  • Market selling locations are available at a first come, first served basis and cannot be designated. In other words, if you set up in one location one week it does not guarantee you will receive that same location.
  • DO NOT DRIVE ON THE LAWN AT ANY POINT IN TIME AND THIS INCLUDES FOR SET UP AND TAKE DOWN. As available, you may temporarily park in the row closest to the lawn to have easier access to your vehicle at the time of set up and take down. Then, please move your vehicle - see next bullet point above.


  • Please move your vehicle after set-up to accommodate market shoppers, visitors and patients. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE PARKED IN THE FURTHEST ROW CLOSEST TO AND BLOCKING ANY PART OF THE MARKET. Park in the furthest row closest to Dewey Ave in the Physicians Group parking lot.
    Street (Dewey Ave) parking is allowed but it does block the view of the market for potential customers and it can make exiting the medical center visually challenging for drivers.
  • Please be sure what you are selling meets all current laws as random inspections are occurring and welcome.
  • Note that every seller is required to be transparent. All vendors, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE SELLING, MUST display farm/residence name and physical location (address), contact phone number, and/or email. For consumable products - If what you are selling is not your own, you MUST display where produce was grown including farm/residence name, physical address, and YOUR contact information (phone number/email). This information MUST be displayed as a large, readable sign and/or individual slips given at each purchase.
  • No consumable food products can be placed on the ground.
  • Reedsburg Area Medical Center does not have any liability coverage for market vendors, or for what you’re selling or for those purchasing from you.
  • Restroom facilities are located inside of the hospital. Note that anyone entering our building must be screened according to current policy. You will be informed upon screening if current policy requires masks. Please also refer to signage in the entrance for guidance.
  • RAMC Farmers Market is promoted via social media and is listed on the USDA website as an official market. We encourage you to promote your presence at the market, as well.

We also invite you to sell at the City of Reedsburg Markets. Please contact the City of Reedsburg regarding these markets.

Audits are regularly conducted to assure you are meeting all rules of the market. Anyone not complying may not sell at the RAMC market. Selling at the market benefits all of us so I am hopeful compliance will not be an issue.

Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and dedication to the health of our community. If you have any questions, please call 608-768-6246 or email cmercer@ramchealth.org.