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Here We Grow! Meeting the healthcare needs of a growing community

RAMC is deeply committed to providing the compassionate, high-quality healthcare residents deserve and demand. Our services have grown and evolved over time, and we have the awards and employee retention levels to prove our commitment to our community and our team. But with the continued growth of our community and the changing needs of those who call our region home, our current facility resources are no longer sufficient. Space and functional limits are in danger of creating service gaps that could compromise RAMC’s ability to deliver the very best of services. We care too deeply and are too committed to the Reedsburg area to allow this to happen.

Family Care • Women's Health • Behavioral Health • Community Pharmacy • Diabetes Care  • Walk-In Care

So...It's time for us to grow!

Healthcare needs are constantly changing. To ensure we understand our community’s most significant health-related challenges and how to best play a role in addressing them, RAMC actively participates in the annual Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The CHNA is conducted in partnership with The Sauk County Health & Wellness Coalition, which is comprised of more than 15 local nonprofits, health resources, and government agencies. Based on key findings from recent CHNAs and internal data, we’ve pinpointed three critical areas of need.

Behavioral Health

The 2022 CHNA survey uncovered several concerning mental health findings in Sauk County. These included higher deaths due to suicide and a higher number of mentally unhealthy days than national averages—13% of adults reported 14 or more days of poor mental health per month. Other alarming statistics included the following: 15% of respondents reported fair or poor mental health, 31% reported they had difficulty accessing mental health services, and 66% chose mental health as one of their top three priorities for improving health. RAMC’s in-house data also indicates the need for more behavioral health resources. RAMC must play an important role in serving as a resource for those in our community who experience mental health challenges.

Women’s Health

RAMC is committed to meeting the needs of women at every life stage. While we have an excellent staff of experienced providers, including two OB/GYN physicians, family practice physicians who provide OB services and a nurse midwife, we have run out of space to deliver services efficiently. This lack of space makes it difficult for staff to collaborate and can make it challenging for patients to get prompt access to needed healthcare services.

Primary Care

As the first point of contact for many, access to primary care is critical to the health of our community. Regular checkups help pinpoint and discover problems before they turn into serious health issues and are essential to helping patients successfully manage chronic health conditions. Robust primary care resources also help keep patients out of the emergency room and allow RAMC to run more efficiently and effectively. However, community growth has strained our resources beyond capacity. Our primary care facilities are stretched to their limit—we have no space to house new physicians who are already scheduled to join our staff.

A Birds Eye View

The proposed facility will be located adjacent to our current Primary Care building (RAMC Physicians Group). Our vision is to construct a 44,000-square foot building with two areas on the second floor where we can easily add 8,400 square feet to accommodate future growth. Construction is expected to take approximately 24 months, with an intended completion date of 2025. This timing will support ongoing community growth and aligns well with staff hiring plans that are already in place. This dynamic new space will allow us to:

Better meet our community's most critical needs.

Housing behavioral health, women’s health, and primary care in one purpose-built space will increase collaboration and efficiency and allow our providers to work together more effectively.

Leverage the current primary care space. 

Lack of space has been one of our most significant barriers for years. Being able to repurpose this 34,000 square foot space will allow us to dream big when it comes to expanding our services in other critical areas.

Deliver pharmacy services more efficiently. 

Our new pharmacy space is laid out for optimal staff convenience and efficiency. Plus, its increased size makes for a better customer and staff experience and its location inside the new facility improves access and curbside delivery services.

Offer space for new hiring to support our community's growth. 

We have proactively hired additional physicians who are scheduled to join our team in 2025. Without this new space, we will have no room for this critically needed medical staff.

Meet future needs for space flexibly and cost effectively. 

Our proposed design will easily allow for future buildouts, a proactive step that will let us add space in the most affordable way possible.

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