• Educational Opportunities

Helping you become prepared to bring home your new baby starts well before your baby is born.  Take a look at the educational opportunities we have available to you!

Childbirth Preparation Class

It’s important to feel as prepared as possible before delivery.  RAMC is proud to offer FREE Childbirth Preparation classes several times throughout the year!  Classes are held conveniently from 9am – 2pm on Saturdays, and  your support person is encouraged to join!

Call the Birth Center at 608-768-6251 for upcoming dates!

Prepare for your personal childbirth journey with us!

This class is designed for families expecting their first baby or parents wanting a refresher!  Through a combination of discussion, videos, and hands-on activities, you will learn more about:

· normal childbirth

· labor coping techniques, comfort measures, relaxation skills, positions for labor, and how the support person can help

· Common labor variations and interventions

· Pain relief options, including nitrous oxide, medications, and epidurals

· Water birth

· Cesarean birth

· Newborn care and basic car seat information

· Options for feeding your baby, including breastfeeding

• Evidence Based Birth


Car Seat Installation

Bring your questions with you to your individualized appointment with one of our certified child passenger safety technicians.  They will review proper installation of your baby’s car seat in your vehicle and provide you with the knowledge and skills to be able to install the car seat yourself!  This isn’t just for new parents!  Bring your toddler seats and booster seats too!  Grandparents and other family members are encouraged to make an appointment too to ensure they understand proper installation and for assistance with installing the car seat correctly.  This appointment is a FREE service to the community!

For more information about car seat safety, visit





Learn lifesaving basic life support procedures.