Step 1 — Starting Your Journey

To start your adventure now that your pregnancy has been 
confirmed with your provider, the RAMC Physician’s Group staff will call the Birth Center 
to set up your first appointment to meet with your Birth Center Nurse Navigator. This program is recommended for all patients to ensure we meet all of your needs, even 
if you have given birth before.

This first meeting, which will typically take place on a Monday or Thursday between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., 
will take up to one hour and should take place sometime between weeks 16-24 of your pregnancy.

During this meeting we will address any concerns and questions you have. We will also:mom in tank top

  • Schedule a tour of the Birth Center
  • Discuss pregnancy/baby development
  • Review the information in your prenatal book
  • Provide information about prenatal testing
  • Discuss the best nutrition/exercise for you and your baby
  • Discuss options for Childbirth Education
  • Discuss the start of your birth plan (water birth, pain control methods including IV pain meds, nitrous oxide and epidural, etc.). All of the Birth Center nurses are doula trained to offer many comfort measures during labor and to help your partner feel involved in caring for you during labor
  • Connect you with resources available as needed, such 
as WIC (Women, Infants and Children), PNCC 
(Prenatal Care Coordination), Insurance, and breast pump coverage
  • Discuss a local pediatrician/family physician for your newborn
  • Review the Introduction to breastfeeding
  • Determine your Insurance Coverage

During this first meeting we will also discuss what to expect during the following meetings with your Birth Center Nurse Navigator. If you have concerns prior to your appointment, call your provider or the Birth Center nursing staff. We are available any time, day and night.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you during this exciting journey.

Step 2 — Charting Your Course


Your Birth Center Nursing Staff - Here for you 24/7 - 608-768-6251