Price Transparency

 We know that the billing and collections process for healthcare services can be confusing, so we are providing this information to assist you in understanding our billing procedure and answer any questions you may have. Please understand that we contract with a number of insurance companies, HMOs, Medicare and Medicaid, so every situation is different. But by receiving services at any Wisconsin hospital, you are agreeing to take responsibility for payment in some manner.

In addition, you can see public information on the quality of healthcare services at RAMC as compared to other hospitals for these stays & procedures by visiting CheckPoint.

If you have any questions about the above information, contact a financial counselor at RAMC at
608-524-6487 or RAMC Physicians Group 608-524-6477.

When it comes to healthcare, finding out medical costs can be complicated.  At RAMC we want to make things as easy to understand as possible.

You have the right to information on pricing and quality from Reedsburg Area Medical Center (RAMC) for the 75 most common inpatient stays and 75 most frequent outpatient surgical procedures in Wisconsin. Click HERE to go directly to this website. The pricing listed below is based on a sample situation, assuming no medical complications, and includes:

  • The median billed charges for these stays and procedures at RAMC
  • The average allowable payment under Medicare for these stays and procedures
  • The average allowable payment from insurers and health plans for these stays and procedures

Pricing for 75 Most Common Hospitalizations        

Pricing for 75 Most Common Outpatient Services


As a service to our patients, RAMC offers price estimate services.  While we make every effort to estimate prices, the costs associated with care can vary substantially depending upon the individula's medical needs and circumstances, as well as charges that may be incurred in the course of treatment.  While it is possible to estimate these, it is not possible to precisely define these until after the service has been provided.  Therefore, our financial services representatives will provide you a price range.

For estimates, please call (608)768-6209 (patient last name A-K), and (608)768-6208 (patient last name L-Z).