• Going Beyond Award Recipients

Barb Deckard

Yesterday there was a major glitch in our new payroll system that was noticed after the payroll was posted/completed. There is a lot of pre-processing, and steps that go into our payroll system in order for us to get paid. Because of this issue, Barb had to start all over with the many steps needed to complete the payroll. This meant she stayed well past her regular work schedule, into the evening just to make sure everything was dome correctly. I do think that she went Above and Beyond her normal job duties to make sure everyone's paycheck was posted and completed by our payday on Friday! Thanks Barb, for you dedication to RAMC and our employees!

Nominated by Lisa Holzem, September 2019

Melissa Bulin

A patient needed to have surgery and didn’t have insurance. After a run-around with insurance companies, Melissa had the patient come in to the clinic to help her get insurance coverage in order to have the needed surgery. Thanks Melissa for all you do!

Nominated by Kristin Giese and Liz Hank, June 2019

Jeanette Unbehaun

Jeanette has been working with us as our beautician, CNA, and at times staffing the ward secretary’s desk. As if her willingness to help out wherever needed weren’t enough to warrant a GBE nomination, her actions the day of Wednesday, June 5th certainly were.  The SLC had plans to send one of our residents to the hospital for imaging via our bus. Unfortunately, the bus wouldn’t start on this particular day, and waiting for a wheelchair cab would’ve meant that the resident would miss their appointment. So, Jeanette volunteered to push the resident in their wheelchair all the way to the hospital (thankfully it was a beautiful day!).  Mind you ,this is a special wheelchair that is not easy to push. This is just one example of how hard Jeanette works for our residents. We are so happy to have her here, and she definitely goes Beyond the Expected!

Nominated by Ryan Shear, June 2019

Paula Weiss

I am nominating Paula because I received a call from the clinic asking if anyone in therapy could fix a brace for an elderly individual who had difficulty coming into the office.  I passed the information to Paula and asked if she would call the individual to find out what they needed.
After speaking to them she realized they were unable to truly describe what they needed.  She then drove to their home and evaluated the situation herself and proceeded to contact the provider back to help remedy the situation.  Paula is always willing to go above and beyond to help anyone in need, even if it’s not her patient!!

Nominated by Mary Emerson, November, 2018

Betsy Van Etten

Betsy was working with a patient to have scheduled at another facility for a procedure that was unable to be performed here in Reedsburg. Documentation was sent several times, however, that facility stated that they could not schedule because they did not have. Betsy decided that she would drive the documents to this facility and hand deliver so this patient could have procedure done without further delays. This is going beyond the expected to provide compassionate quality and efficient healthcare!

Nominated by Jodie Baker, November, 2018

Chris Weihing

Chris went above and beyond for a Birth Center patient that was trying to get last minute access to an online childbirth class.  Chris took it upon herself to investigate why the online class was not working and where the patient’s payment had ended up.  She came in after 10:00 pm one evening to attempt to get the mom access if it was at all possible.  She always puts our patient’s needs first and is a great example of stellar customer service!
Nominated by Jodie Molitor, October, 2018

Kevin Shanahan

We had a patient transfer out to MCC from ICU on a hectic day shift.  Patient belongings were bagged up to go out to the MCC room, however, were accidently put in the trash.  By the time staff realized belongings did not accompany patient to the room, trash had been taken out to the dumpster.  Kevin went above and beyond by physically going into dumpster and retrieving patient belongings.

Nominated by Tammy Simon, June, 2018

Dr. Mary Beth Shear

Dr. Shear’s patient recently discharged from RASLC and failed at home, necessitating her to be re-admitted.  Dr. Shear was at a convention out of state when in the course of our conversation/texting indicated we could fax the required information, orders and what was needed in order to readmit the resident. Her taking the time not only expediting the process for the resident and the family, but really helped out us as providers. Her willingness to address her patients need really helped out her other MD counterparts we would have had to call on otherwise. As it was with her help and today’s technology it made the re-admission swift and smooth for all parties.
Thank you Dr. Shear for going beyond the expected by your willingness to address the resident/facility needs!

Nominated by Brenda Reisdorph, May, 2018