Ethics at RAMC

RAMC holds itself to the highest ethical standards.ethics

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We are committed to:

  • Patient rights
  • Staff rights
  • Being a partner in our community

There is little doubt that today’s healthcare environment has challenged the way professionals work with patients. Changes in biomedical technology, organizational structures, payment mechanisms and societal expectations have created complex issues and challenges.

Our Role

The role of RAMC’s Ethics Case Consultation Team is to collect and sort through information, provide education, and guide and assist individuals in seeking strategies for dealing with complex issues. These strategies are based on ethical principles and guidelines. Each case is handled on an individual basis and is unique to the given circumstances.

Ethics Case Consultation

If you have an ‘ethical dilemma’ that arises you may ask to have an Ethics Case Consultation. You may call one of the Ethics Council Members listed in this brochure and share your concern with them. Your concern will be kept confidential.