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RAMC Celebrates Pain Awareness Week

September 5, 2023

September is Pain Awareness month.  During the week of September 3-9, 2023 RAMC will be offering an educational display for the public in the lobby of the hospital. 

Pain is a personal experience that is influenced by many factors such as sleep, genetics, stress, attitudes/beliefs, personality, behaviors, disability, coping abilities, and socialization, to name a few.  Although pain usually serves an adaptive role, it may have adverse effects on well-being.

The painful truths about pain (US Pain Foundation):

•             Pain is the number one reason people access healthcare

•             Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined

•             Pain that lasts longer than 6 months is considered chronic

•             One in five Americans lives with chronic pain

•             Workers lose an average of 4.6 hours per week of productive time due to a pain condition

•             The US spends at least $635 billion each year on medical treatments, disability payments and lost productivity related to pain conditions

•             More women than men suffer with chronic pain

•             Diet can either make pain worse or better

•             20% say their sleep is disrupted because of pain or discomfort at least a few nights per week

•             80% will experience back pain at some point in their lives

•             At least 10% of suicide cases in the US involve someone with chronic pain

Treating pain can be challenging.  The focus has shifted from eliminating pain completely to helping the person get to a level of functioning in their day-to-day lives.  Using medication is just one option, there are many other treatment modalities that can help to restore function.

At RAMC, each department considers your comfort a priority.  From heat and cold packs- to aromatherapy, and everything in between, RAMC strives to make you as comfortable as possible during your time with us.