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Reedsburg Area Senior Life Center Receives Deficiency-Free State Health Survey For Third Straight Year!

May 21, 2024

Skilled nursing facilities are some of the most scrutinized and regulated of health care facilities, and for good reason. Historically instances of poor quality care and overcrowded living conditions have necessitated regulation by states and the federal government. In total there are almost 900 pages of regulations governing the operation of nursing homes. I’m told the only facilities regulated more heavily than nursing facilities are nuclear power plants! While this may or may not be true, it gives you some sense of the level of scrutiny that nursing homes are under to provide high quality care and a safe environment for our Residents to live in.

Surveyors working for the State of Wisconsin perform unannounced annual surveys of skilled nursing facilities. An annual survey includes two different aspects: the health inspection and life safety inspection. The health inspection involves surveyors evaluating the facility’s compliance with Resident rights, quality of life, quality of care, nursing services, dining services, pharmacy services, administration, and the quality assurance process, to name a few. The life safety inspection involves a state engineer evaluating the physical environment of care, including compliance with fire regulations, sanitation, maintenance logs, etc. With so many different regulations to abide by, it is not surprising that a deficiency-free survey is an extremely rare occurrence even for the highest quality organizations.

We are humbled and excited to announce that the Reedsburg Area Senior Life Center’s Ridgeview Terrace Long Term Care has received a deficiency-free health survey for the last three years. With all of the challenges facing healthcare and specifically nursing facilities today, this achievement cannot be understated. Ultimately, it is a testament to our staff. They are dedicated, compassionate, kind, skillful, and knowledgeable. All of these qualities allow us to work together as a team to provide the best comprehensive care for our Residents. Each and every day, our staff is focused solely on the Residents, and their dedication is validated by our last several surveys. Congratulations are in order as well to our Residents and their families, as this partnership of caring does not work without them as the most important piece of the puzzle. How wonderful for them to know that they have chosen a truly exceptional place for themselves and their loved ones to call home! Everything we do here on a daily basis revolves around our Residents, and when I see that demonstrated every day by our staff, I am truly proud to be a part of a great organization. Going forward we will continue the tradition of “Going beyond the expected” that is so engrained here, and we will continue to focus on our Residents and their well-being. Congratulations to all!