• Spiritual Care

Tammy Koenecke, RN, BSN, MASL, is RAMC's Spiritual Care Coordinator. Her mission is to promote spiritual awareness in patients, families and staff, thereby facilitating healing in the presence of illness and the absence of cure from birth to end of life. She provides support to our patients and their families as they address their health needs, and helps them in making decisions about their health care. This may include Advanced Care Planning and Health Care Power of Attorney document assistance.

Tammy also assists individuals through their grieving process, here at the hospital, in grief support groups and on the telephone. For assistance or further information call 608-768-6249.

Programs/Assistance include:

When Mourning Dawns - a five session video-based program that allows you to identify the seasons of your grief and assist you in your grief walk. See Events.

Advance Directives (Healthcare Power of Attorney documents) - assistance with understanding and filling out these documents - call Tammy to set up an appointment.

Service of Remembrance - in memory of the loss of your loved one(s), offered in the fall, one time per year. See Events.

End of Life questions - Call Tammy at 608-768-6249.

The Go Wish Game – Conversations about the end of life can be hard. Where do you start? What questions should you consider? How to you put together an advance care plan?
At RAMC we are always open to ideas for making education fun. Try this creative conversation starting game: “Go Wish©” (used with permission). Select a card from the pile and then determine what level of importance it holds for you. When you are finished you can print of the results and share them with your family and friends.

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