• Hospitalist

On-Site Hospitalist Services

A hospitalist is a medical specialist exclusively focused on hospitalized patients from the time of their admittance to the hospital to the time of their release. They coordinate a patient’s care, working with nurses, physical therapists, social workers, and other staff to ensure the best possible care and the best possible communication with the patient and their family. 

The hospitalist will work closely with your primary care physician to ensure they fully understand your needs based on your past medical history.
When it’s time to leave the hospital, the hospitalist will coordinate discharge instructions and follow up actions, like home visits, or rehabilitation to name a few.

Reedsburg Area Medical Center has partnered with Apogee Physicians to provide inpatient hospitalist services. Patients may see an invoice, billed separately, which will include both the RAMC and Apogee logos.

Virtual Hospitalists via Telemedicine

RAMC offers hospitalist services via telemedicine from 7pm to 7am. With the virtual hospitalist program, as with the on-site hospitalist program, patients and their families can rest easier knowing they have an advocate and expert to guide them through their hospital stay.