• Cardiac Rehabilitation

RAMC’s cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs help you take an active role in managing your heart and lung conditions. Both programs follow the same structure, which includes exercise, education and a support network. Medicare and most private insurance companies acknowledge cardiac & pulmonary rehab as a covered service, co-pays and deductible may apply.

Cardiac Rehabilitation may benefit those with:

• Coronary artery disease
• Recent heart attack
• Coronary bypass grafting
• Congestive heart failure
• Angioplasty/coronary stents
• Chronic stable angina
• Heart valve repair/replacement
• And other cardiovascular diseases

For more information on either program, call 608-768-6250.



  • One-on-one education sessions provide you and your family with information on how to reduce and prevent cardiac risk factors.
  • Classes include topics such as emergency preparation and cardiac warning signs, dietary and cholesterol control, weight loss and stress management.

Support Network

  • You and your family will have the opportunity to network with other participants to share experiences, support and motivate one another