• Birth Center Receives High Ratings

The Birth Center at Reedsburg Area Medical Center is proud to announce that they have received high ratings in all categories from the Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care Survey that was recently conducted. 

The Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care Survey is a national survey of infant feeding practices in maternity care settings. Every two years, all U.S. hospitals that provide maternity services and free-standing birth centers are invited to participate.

The overall score is calculated from several Care Dimension subscores. These Care Dimensions are a group of hospital care procedures that, when offered consistently, result in better breastfeeding outcomes. The key components of this care system were identified using the best available science and evidence. This evidence spans a wide range, from results of randomized trials to expert opinion, producing a set of connected best practices that make up a facility’s infant feeding care system.

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The Care Dimensions that are scored include

  • labor and delivery care

  • feeding of breastfed infants

  • breastfeeding assistance

  • contact between mother and infant

  • facility discharge care

  • staff training

  • and structural and organizational aspects of care delivery

RAMC's Birth Center received 100% scores in the categories of labor and delivery care, feeding of breastfed infants, and facility discharge care.

RAMC's Birth Center exceeded state and national scores with an overall score of 86%!