• Health Career Scholarship


Click online application to access our online application form or here to download the paper application for the Health Careers Scholarship offered by the Partners of RAMC. Due to large numbers of applicants, and the committee’s desire to benefit as many candidates as possible, the scholarships will be awarded once per person. Therefore, if you are a previous recipient of this scholarship, you are no longer eligible.

Scholarship criteria is as follows:

1.       You must have some connection to the Reedsburg community to be considered as an applicant for these scholarships.

2.       A criminal background check may also be performed on scholarship finalists.

3.       Awards are based on the desire for a health career, financial need and acceptance from a school.

4.       The Janice Ulrich Nursing Scholarship is awarded to full-time students (with at least 12 credits) enrolled in programs of four or more years. Scholarships will be paid out in one single payment of $750 at the end of the first academic year, providing a minimum GPA of 2.5 is achieved.

5.       The Non-Nursing Health Career Scholarship will be awarded to students enrolled in two-year programs. These scholarships will be paid out in one single payment of $400 at the end of the first semester, providing a minimum GPA of 2.5 is achieved.

6.       The above scholarships will be distributed following submission of grade transcripts at the end of the completed semester(s). There is a "grace period" of one semester beyond the above requirements. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the scholarship will be forfeited if transcripts are not received by the end of the grace period.

THE APPLICATION IS DUE BY MARCH 15, 2024. Upon graduation, if an opening is available in your particular field, the recipient is asked to consider working for a period of one year at the Reedsburg Area Medical Center or Reedsburg Area Senior Life Center.