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Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Detection: The Advantages of 3D Mammography

November 16, 2023

Reedsburg Area Medical Center is leading the charge in breast cancer detection with the introduction of an innovative 3D mammography machine. This breakthrough technology offers a new dimension in accuracy and patient comfort, promising to reshape the landscape of mammogram screenings. While traditional 2D mammograms remain an option, the center encourages women to embrace the benefits of 3D mammography, which boasts remarkable advantages in detection rates and reduced callbacks.

Enhanced Detection and Reduced Callbacks

Breast Cancer Detection

The 3D mammography's key impact is its revolutionary cancer detection. Studies show a remarkable 41% rise in detecting invasive cancers, surpassing traditional 2D mammograms. Its early detection potential is pivotal, potentially saving lives by identifying more treatable cancer stages.

A key feature of 3D mammography is its 40% reduction in unnecessary callbacks. This technology eases patient stress by offering clearer images that enhance accuracy, minimizing the need for follow-up appointments. This streamlining not only provides peace of mind but also ensures prompt interventions when needed.

Embracing Comfort and Hope

Though no procedure guarantees total comfort, 3D mammography is notably more comfortable than traditional methods. The SmartCurve™ breast stabilization system further enhances patient comfort during the Genius™ Mammography exam. Addressing pain concerns empowers women to prioritize health without unnecessary worries at Reedsburg Area Medical Center.

The Urgency of Early Detection

Breast cancer is a significant threat; one in eight women will be diagnosed in her lifetime. Surprisingly, eight out of nine cases have no family history, revealing its indiscriminate nature. Yet, hope shines: 3D mammography and early detection have raised five-year survival to nearly 100%.

Final Thoughts

Reedsburg Area Medical Center's dedication to 3D mammography is a crucial step against breast cancer. Their use of advanced tech, accuracy, and patient comfort highlights their commitment to women's well-being. Embracing these innovations is an investment in health and a step toward reducing breast cancer's impact. Prioritize your health today – explore 3D mammography's advantages.