chrabaszcz viewingThe right orthopedic care can be the difference between maintaining or recapturing quality of life or living with pain, discomfort and in some cases limited mobility.

Our orthopedic physicians are devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, disorders and diseases of bones, joints, ligaments, muslces, nerves and tendons. Our job is to ensure you can continue participating in the activities you enjoy.

We provide general orthopedic rehabilitation and surgical care for the:

We also offer minimally invasive surgical options such as arthroscopy, which result in smaller incisions, less post-procedure pain and a quicker recovery.

Meet our orthopedic specialists:

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Hip and Knee replacement guidebooks and Joint Camp videos

Reedsburg Joint Camp Program

Our Joint Camp Program is designed to help patients take a proactive approach and has been proven to result in a faster, more successful recovery process following joint replacement surgery. Click to view each section:

  1. Preparing for your surgery
  2. After surgery
  3. Rehabilitation and recovery
  4. Preparing to go home
  5. Your role in your recovery