• Education

It’s important to feel as prepared as possible before delivery. RAMC is proud to provide a variety of support:

In-Person Childbirth Preparation Classes at RAMC

Saturday Childbirth Classes
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Feb 9, May 18, Aug 10, Nov 9
Cost $30

Learn more and schedule your classes by calling the Birth Center at 608-768-6251

In-Person Childbirth Preparation Classes

This class is designed for families expecting their first baby or parents who have not attended childbirth classes before or in many years. Through a combination of discussion, videos, and activities you will gather Information about the following:

  • Normal childbirth 
  • Labor coping techniques, comfort measures, relaxation skills and breathing patterns and how Dad/partner can help
  • Common labor variations and interventions, including cesarean birth
  • Information on medication/anesthesia for pain relief and cesarean birth

Newborn care and basic car seat information

Other Classes Available

Breastfeeding Class 
Basics of Breastfeeding covering confident start, latching, breast pumps and pumping, tips for success and more.  This class is included in the Saturday Childbirth Class, or may be taken on its own for $10.

Sibling Support and Grandparent Education
Please call the Birth Center at 608-768-6251 to set this up.

Waiting for Baby DVD
This DVD discusses the importance of waiting at least 39 weeks for delivery.  We encourage you to view this DVD at some point in your pregnancy. It is only 20 minutes long and can be viewed at RAMC Physicians Group, the Birth Center, or through this link. If you plan to take Prepared Childbirth Class, it will be shown at that time.

The Next Step: Pain Relief Options