Partners of RAMC


The History of Partners of RAMC

Reedsburg, healthcare, and Partners of Reedsburg Area Medical Center have evolved over the past forty years. In 1959, 103 women chartered the Reedsburg Memorial Hospital Auxiliary to promote and advance the welfare of the hospital and its patients and to assist the Reedsburg Memorial Hospital in promoting the health and welfare of the community in accordance with objectives established by the hospital's governing board. Today, Partners of Reedsburg Area Medical Center with more than 225 men, women, and corporate members, continues the tradition of caring and giving. This proactive and visionary organization focuses on meeting the challenges and opportunities of an ever changing medical complex and a growing community through continued financial support, volunteerism, and education. As an integral component of the Medical Center, Partners promote activities, services, and the funding of items, which directly benefit patients, residents, visitors, and staff. Partners of Reedsburg Area Medical Center are credited with initiating and supporting a number of unique projects, such as the Medical Center's chapel, constructed in 1998, which features a handcrafted stained glass window.

Partners of Reedsburg Area Medical Center values the talents and abilities of its members and supports the personal growth of each individual. Participation in the organization's board, committees, activities and collaborative community events is encouraged.

We invite you to grow with us . . . consider becoming a member, it's free!

  • Voting privileges at General Membership Meetings
  • Two General Membership Luncheons sponsored by Reedsburg Area Medical Center
  • Health and Public Policy Updates
  • Special Events and Programs 
Board/Committee Positions
  • 2018 Executive Board
    President - Christine Weihing
    Vice-President - Lou Pugh
    Secretary - Ardell Albers
    Gift ShopTreasurer - Dave Daley
    Partners Treasurer - Emily Herritz
    Past President - Cindy Thurber

    Ways and Means (fundraising) - Shirley Schutz
    Gift Shop Manager/Buyer - Jodie Molitor
    Scholarship Committee- Kay Daley, Chair
    Tree of Lights - Phyllis Thieding
    History - Monica Liegel, Chair
    Sunshine - Monica Liegel
    Member(s)-at-Large - Mary White, Marsha Davis

For more information on becoming a member of Partners of Reedsburg Area Medical Center contact:
Jodie Molitor (608) 768-6247. Membership is open to men and women 18 years of age and older and to corporations / businesses in Reedsburg and surrounding communities.