RAMC Foundation Funds Reach Out and Read Program

laukant rorIn 2013 several community members came together with Dr. Joanna Laukant, Reedsburg Physicians Group, and Kris Houlter, Children’s Librarian at the Reedsburg Library, to form a steering committee for a new literacy initiative called “Reach Out and Read.”  

The program officially kicked off in June of 2014 and has been well-received by parents and children alike. Reach Out and Read, developed by Dr. Dipesh Navsari, gives new, age-appropriate books to children ages 6 months to 5 years at all well-child visits at RAMC Physicians Group and to date over 7,500 books have been distributed. This program is a collaboration between parents and practitioner with goals to understand basic principles of early brain and child development; to appreciate the importance of literacy as both a key skill and marker of early brain development; and to realize the critical value of incorporating early literacy promotion in well-child visits. Initial start-up funds were provided by area businesses and groups with the RAMC Foundation now being the sole financial supporter. RAMC thanks everyone who has contributed time, talents or funds to help Reach Out and Read grow into an important component of well-child visits.