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Reedsburg Area Medical Center, always there, going beyond the expected to provide compassionate, quality and efficient healthcare.

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Employee Resources
Exercise/Nutrition Opportunities
  • Please fill out and return the attached paperwork to continue your use of the wellness center/group exercises classes for the 2019 year. Only pages 5-9 need to be submitted, and you only need to submit a medical release if you answer YES to any of the questions on the PAR-Q form. Completed paperwork can be dropped off in the mailroom in the health and fitness mailbox, or submitted to Jason in the wellness center.

  • Points Option for Exercising
  • Exercise Schedule March       Class Descriptions
  • Fitness Orientation Packet (to use cardiac rehab equipment)


Employee Challenges

March Mindful Meditation Challenge
This month’s challenge is about taking some time for yourself each day to relax. Participation is simple, find 5 minutes for at least 5 days per week to meditate. Meditation can occur by simply sitting quietly in a quiet room or going for a walk and being aware and in tune with everything around you. At the end of the month, turn your calendar (attached here) in for a chance to win a $25 chamber of commerce gift card!

For any questions, contact health and fitness coordinator, Jason Noble at jnoble@ramchealth.org

H.E.A.L.T.H. Information ~ Helping Employees Achieve Lifelong Total Health
  • You've completed your health evaluation and received your results...Now what? Click Here
  • Spiritual Growth Exercises and Spiritual Reflections are located on the Spiritual Care page, under Our Services.
  • Interactive Health  Sponsor Code is PJC5B for first time users.
  • Interactive Health Score Card - This attachment contains information on our overall results for our most recently completed bioscreens.

For any questions, contact health and fitness coordinator, Jason Noble at jnoble@ramchealth.org

Nursing Moms

One of the many benefits of working at RAMC is access to a private consultation with a certified lactation nurse. Contact Jan Hasler at extension 6135 with any of your questions or concerns. For those staff who are pumping at work, please access the breast pumping area located in Jan’s office in the Birth Center. If Jan’s office is occupied, use the house supervisor’s office on MCC. Please contact Jan or the house supervisor for access to this space. For privacy, use one of the “Room in use, do not disturb” signs located inside the room and place on the outside of the door, using a magnet clip provided.