Patient Experiences

A Celebration with a Surprise Ending!hinkhouse

Annie Hinkhouse was enjoying a birthday celebration with her family, knowing that in a few days they would all be celebrating the birth of her third child.  “It wasn’t long after I started feeling contractions that I realized today is the day, and it was time to go in to the hospital.” Once Annie and her husband Brett arrived in the Birth Center, she was able to soak in the tub. “The warm water helped to relieve my discomfort and allowed me to relax.” Annie’s doctor, Dr. Chris Wenninger, made his way in to the Birth Center shortly after.  Says Dr. Wenninger, “I love my job and appreciate the fact that my patients trust me enough to take care of them during this momentous time in their lives.  It’s very special.”  At 9:46 pm on January 20th, 2018, baby Josie Rae Hinkhouse made her way into the world, weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces and measuring 20 ½ inches long.  She was eagerly greeted by her big brother Wynn and big sister Charlie!  “We have been blessed with three wonderful birth experiences at the Reedsburg Area Medical Center Birth Center!  Dr. Wenninger has provided us with exceptional care and compassion.  We are so grateful for him and the staff at RAMC Birth Center!”

"We will get through this"

klingbeil w.jpgSome patient experiences touch a chord so deep within you, you just have to share..."One of the things that stands out in my mind after Dr. Klingbeil told me I had cancer, was him saying, "We will get through this" (not you, but we). He spent a great deal of time explaining my options, the procedures and answering all my questions. He also wanted me to see an oncologist before my surgery and made sure an appointment was set up. I know the time he spent with me that day set him behind schedule which was another sign about how much he cares about his patients. 
I found Dr. Klingbeil to be an exceptional surgeon and the type of doctor who treats the person as well as the patient. He was very understanding before and after both of my operations, always treating me with kindness and compassion which helped me get through a very difficult time."
December, 2017

Above and Beyond their duties!

January 11, 2017  "We would like to thank all of the Medical Staff that took very good care of our mother, Joanne Morgan. The staff went above and beyond their duties to make sure she had the best care possible. From the ambulance crew to the Radiology team, the Lab staff, Emergency Doctors and Nurses. The Nurses on second floor, the Nutritionist, and Rehabilitation Nurses.
I personally would like to thank the young UW student that helped and stayed by our mother's side in the emergency room. Your lucky to have her as part of your team. Deb up in ICU, thank you so much for making sure our mom was comfortable and cared for. You made her laugh and even make a few jokes herself. Thanks again for the arrangements for my sleeping head quarters while I stayed with mom.
Dr. Koontz, thank you so much for reassuring me and my siblings that mom was going to be fine and that she will be with us for sometime yet.
Just another big Thank You to everyone again for great care. Thank You!"
~ Kim ,Ginger, Nora, and Bobbie Joanne Morgan's Daughters

Going Beyond in all they Do!

August 22, 2016 ~ "I would like to nominate Heather and Marcia from the Urgent Care/ Emergency Room for Going Beyond the Expected in all they do.
From the moment, Heather called my daughter to triage to walking out the door to leave. Both of these ladies were exceptional in the care shown to my daughter. She was moved from Urgent Care to ER and Marcia took over my daughter's care from there.  They both spoke to my daughter with care and calmed her down. She was upset and in pain.  Marcia and Heather both took the time to talk to my daughter and get her mind off her pain."
~ Anonymous

Thank You Deb

July 19, 2016   ~  "Just got home and recovering from surgery I had today. Just wanted to let everyone at the center know Deb from the Surgery Center was AMAZING and so incredibly patient with me, my husband, and my daughter! It was a long morning for all of us and she had no problem with their antics! The anesthesiologist was pretty awesome too!"
~ Mandie Boyd

Expressing Gratitude
weber w.jpg11/23/15 ~ "This is an opportunity for me to express my gratitude and appreciation for RAMC in total.  Dr. Kevin Weber performed a total knee replacement on my right leg November 2nd. My stay was exceptionally a good success.  The entire staff should be commended for being so positive and care giving.  You should be proud!
~ Roderick A. Baker

Truly Amazing Staff

8/02/15 ~ "A very big thank you to the nurses and midwives at the RAMC Birth Center.  You ladies are 1amazing at your jobs and made us feel like we were right at home. Thank you for taking care of us; you all are truly amazing women. Even if you weren’t there when we delivered, thank you so much for all you do." 
~ Khrystyna Goodman-mom to Owen

Great Overall Experience

June, 2015 ~ Finding out my 15 year old son had to have hip surgery was a shock!  But Dr. Fochios was kind, explained everything in simple terms and put my and my son's mind at ease.  He went above and beyond in keeping me up to date on everything to expect, and even afterwards, in fitting us in due to a concern on the incision.And I can't say enough great things about Krissy, his anesthetist.  She shared some personal stories of her own regarding his procedure and really helped put his mind at ease on the recovery time, yet reminded him that he'd need time to heal.
Thank you so much for such incredible staff and wonderful customer service!
~ Jodie Molitor

Soothing Water Birth Experience
abbie jo waterbirth

1/10/2015 ~ "My waterbirth experiences at RAMC's Birth Center have far exceeded my expectations forsmooth and comforting deliveries.  The soothing water and freedom to move about released my anxiety and let me concentrate on allowing my body to bring my baby into the world.  The Birth Center nurses and staff are a one-of-a-kind, special team that go out of their way to provide you with the support and resources needed for the gentlest birthing experience."

Abbie Jo and Andrew with baby Nellie Jo
born 01/10/15 at 0607 by waterbirth with midwife Deb Adams

On the Flip Side
Nov. 5, 2014 ~ It's a little weird to be on the other side. A patient instead of a nurse. But Reedsburg Area Medical Center and their excellent team of Physicians, Nurses and CNAs are taking excellent care of me. Soon I hope to be pneumonia free! An additional thank you to medical imaging, lab, dietary, housekeeping and all the behind the scene workers.
Ahhh! And Respiratory Therapy, what a great bunch of women!
~ Melissa Courchane

Great Patient Experience with Dr. Weber & RAMC Staff

Sept. 22, 2014 ~ I had right shoulder rotor cuff repair surgery done by Dr. Weber. The care and concern of the staff was fabulous. They took great care of me while I was there. My questions and concerns were handled with great care and professionalism. I was called today to see how I was doing. Keep up the great job guys. I would recommend your hospital for superb care and wonderful staff. I would also like to include the wonderful care and concern given by John who did the MRI and by Dr. Fochios. They did a great job in explaining what was going to happen and made me feel comfortable. I am so happy that I am not just a name and number at your facility. ~ Raymonda Blank

Compassion & Care from Outstanding Lab Stafflab photo

May 13, 2014 ~ I just had to pass on to you the GREAT experience I had in the lab this morning with two of your staff. I needed to have a blood draw and am a notoriously hard draw because of non-existent veins. It always takes multiple pokes and sometimes multiple techs to get blood and it is never a pleasant experience. I was fully expecting the same this morning and was dreading the test but was very happy when Mindy was able to get the test done in only 1 poke! This has never happened before and I am so grateful to her. She was extremely professional and compassionate and I still can’t believe it was only 1 poke! About 10 minutes later I noticed that I had blood that had soaked through the cotton on my arm and gotten on the sleeve of my new shirt. I returned to the Lab to see if they would have any suggestions on how I could get the blood out. Instead of telling me what to do, Emily immediately took me back to the bathroom, got some supplies and proceeded to get the stains almost completely out! My new shirt was saved! She was not only compassionate to my dilemma but so professional about it. You are very lucky to have such fine staff members and I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated them this morning. Have a great day!!  ~ Christine Weihing

Great Care & Exceptional Service

Mikonowicz WI had an MRI done on Wednesday, January 15 at 8:45 a.m. The two MRI tech gentlemen were absolutely wonderful.I was very nervous and they were very kind. One of the gentlemen went out of their way to alert Renee Mikonowicz when my results were in so that she could relay them to me, knowing how worried I was!  In this day and age, finding people who don't just treat you as a number, but truly care, is hard to find.  Fortunately at RAMC/Reedsburg Physicians Group, it is not like that.  Renee Mikonowicz has been such an awesome practitioner for our family.  She goes out of her way to answer questions and make sure that we are comfortable with our answers.  My children adore her as well.  Her breadth of knowledge and care is next to none.  I really appreciate the care we have received!
~ Jessica

Proud Grandma says, "Thank you!"

ondersma w.jpgNov. 8, 2013. Thank u Doctor Ondersma, and the awesome nursing staff at the birthing center during my daughter's delivery on November 7th. Pat, Pam and Myra, for your amazing bedside manner! During these harsh and troubled times it means soo much to have an extra smile, an extra hug, or just a warm friendly comforting hand to hold. You ALL did each and every one of these things, above and beyond the call of "DUTY" to comfort my daughter and our family during her labor and delivery, and I want to Deeply Thank you.Doctor Ondersma, a special thanks for your unselfish, time giving, delivery of my grandson, and the extra time dedicated to my daughter's easy recovery, Especially the "NO EPISIOTEMY", from your extra time!!!! HOOT HOOT U ROCK! and Pat your massages were more than words can describe and really appreciated!!! and Myra, thanks for filling in with a smile to boot, so your teammates could take a break. Pam you went from baby gooey sterile gloves to white glove dining service in a matter of moments! I have owned Princess catering for 15 years and have never come close to doing that !!!( Yes, a lil advertisement for me too ) if you ever will allow me to make a loving food memory for your staff or family, to return the favor, give me a shout! Point being YOU ARE ALL AN AMAZING TEAM!!!!! Keep up the good work! and Thank you from a really proud and grateful Mom and Grandma !!! ~ Deanna

Thank you for Wonderful Care at Ridgeview Terrace

Pics From Vicki 019Nov. 7, 2013. I am writing to thank The Ridgeview Terrace Long Term Care at 2350 North Dewey Avenue in Reedsburg Wisconsin for the really wonderful care they provided for my Mother, the late Jean Reese of Wisconsin Dells.  The nursing home was highly recommended to my sisters Debbie Kinder, Lisa Hendrickson and I back in November of 2011. From the beginning, we were so glad we chose this nursing home. Her medical care was excellent, and what made it even better was that many of their staff have been there for many years.  We loved the fact that she ate her meals in a small dining room that fostered friendships amongst her and the other residents of her unit as well as the serving staff. Everyone on the staff, from the CNAs and nurses, the food staff, the activities staff and maintenance staff knew her name, as well as the other residents in this caring community. The activities staff made the effort every day to invite our Mother to join in numerous and varied activities inside and outside of the nursing home.
The Ridgeview Terrace Long Term Care truly became our Mother’s home.  I often told her nurses we felt they cared for her as if she was their Mother. Her care at the end of her life was exceptional, which was very comforting to me and my sisters. I sincerely hope that if any of your readers are looking for care for their loved ones they make sure to seriously consider The Ridgeview Terrace Long Term Care.
~ Betsy Grant

Awesome ER Staff

April 19, 2013.  Just want to say thank you to the awesome ER staff that took care of my daughter this morning. She was having issues with her Crohns and they got right on it. I also want to say a special thank you to Dr Ramsey. He was awesome and caring as always. More Drs should be like him.
 ~ Suzie Burdick Strubel

Exceptional Nursing

Friday, 3/15/13. I called for help with a prescription problem that Dr. Koontz had called into the pharmacy. It was after hours, 6:15 pm, when I called and got Beth, the charge nurse. She took the time to listen and was very understanding and sympathetic to my problem. My wife needed this pain medication to get through the weekend until her appt with a spinal surgeon at UW on Monday. She tracked down Dr. Koontz making his rounds and called me back so I could pick up the written prescription at the hospital that evening. Beth could have told me that it was the weekend and to go to ER, etc. but she took the time to help. I did not get to meet her personally but am in her debt.     ~ Robert Doyle

A Soft Touch Makes all the Difference

On 2/13/13, my 2 year old son Corbin had a Meatotamy performed by Dr. Richards. I am writing this letter to make you aware of our experience at RAMC. Dr. Richards was very professional, and all the nurses were thorough, kind and considerate. I wanted to give extra praise to our anesthesiologist Kevin. Words can not say how thankful I am for his service. He was so wonderful with my son, who had to have general anesthesia for the procedure. Kevin spoke to my son very soft and calm, and was crouched down right to his level. Kevin brought Corbin in his mask to look at and touch, and even "scented" it up a bit for him. I feel that the way Kevin handled this situation made all the difference in that my son was not scared to be put to sleep. Thank you Kevin, from the bottom of my heart, for the wonderful way you deal with children!
~ Kelly Snell, Reedsburg WI