Chemotherapy Services

chemo-jan sWe are pleased to accommodate our chemotherapy patients, right here in the RAMC Specialty Group. Chemotherapies are done mostly on Tuesday & Wednesdays. Some patients require therapies 5 days per week & we will ensure that the patient can stay in Reedsburg for these treatments. Dr Pipp-Dahm, with UW Madison, sees patients at the Specialty Group 3-4 times per month (Thursdays or Fridays). We offer recliners for our patients during their chemotherapy sessions, as well as TVs & DVDs, with a collection of DVD movies for viewing.

Chemotherapy encompasses a wide range of medicine to treat cancer & can be different depending on your age, type of cancer & stage of the cancer. Chemotherapy can come in pill form but usually is given through an IV (intravenous). More than 100 chemotherapy drugs are used today- either alone or in combination with other drugs or treatments.
If you have any questions on what to expect, we have educational handouts on almost every type of cancer, information on the chemotherapy drugs & their side effects. 

If you would like to talk one-on-one regarding chemotherapy at RAMC, please call 608-768-3900.