• Sit to Quit Tobacco

We offer mindfulness training for smokers and tobacco users—a seven–week course that uses training in mindfulness to help you quit using tobacco products.

Sit to Quit Tobacco

Most of us live our lives on automatic. We go throughout our day reacting to one situation after another. This “automatic” behavior is a big part of addiction. In fact, most of smoking/chewing is automatic. When a smoker/chewer gets stressed, drives a car, talks on the phone, there is an impulse to use tobacco products without ever thinking about it.

Mindfulness means taking a moment to step back from being on “automatic.” Mindfulness means to “wake up” and be aware of whatever is happening in the present moment. This is a simple thing to do, but most of us are so conditioned to living in a fast–paced world that moments of mindfulness can be rare. Because of this, mindfulness needs to be “practiced.” With practice, mindfulness can become a mental habit, just like being on automatic.

The Course

This course is a powerful tool that will be more and more powerful the more you practice. It will take some work, but many smokers/chewers, including those who have used tobacco for many years and tried to quit many times, have used this method and been successful. If you do the work, the work pays off.

Mindfulness will not make withdrawal symptoms go away, but will give you skills to use during difficult situations.

The core of this intervention is:

  • meditating once a day
  • participating in a two–hour class once a week for seven weeks
  • a six–hour quit day that involves meditation
  • doing other mindfulness practices like mindful smoking, walking and eating

The course is about practice. For those who practice every day, success rates in tobacco cessation have been outstanding.

Participant Requirements and Information

You will be asked to attempt to quit using tobacco products on the Quit Day which will be the Sunday after the fifth class. Make a firm decision that you will quit for good when this day arrives. It’s good to cut back, but do not attempt to quit before the Quit Day. With each class you will learn new skills designed to help you succeed. Once you have learned these skills, you will be much more successful.

Practice meditation every day for two months

Class size is limited; please call now for upcoming dates, to register and receive information.

If you are interested in this seven–week program please contact Jason Noble, RAMC Health & Fitness Coordinator at jnoble@ramchealth.org or 608.768.6252.