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RAMC’s newest Orthopedic Surgeon offers newest knee replacement technology!

July 1, 2019
Reedsburg Area Medical Center is happy to welcome our newest member of the orthopedic team, Dr. Christopher Dale. Dr Dale, who is fellowship trained, utilizes the Conformis system which provides custom 3D printed knee replacements tailored to a patient’s anatomical needs. Conformis patient conforming knee replacements are designed to match the unique size and shape of each patient’s knee.

The Conformis technology offers unique advantages:

~ Individualized fit that virtually eliminates sizing compromises common with off-the-shelf implants and often associated with pain after surgery

~ Design that follows the shape and contour of each patient’s knee, providing an increased potential for a more natural feeling knee and quicker recovery

~ Maintenance of the patient’s natural joint lines to avoid instability, which is a common cause of patient dissatisfaction

Says Dr. Dale, “I have performed thousands of procedures on knees, hips, shoulders and more. My patients with Conformis knee replacements have been so happy with their results. The recovery time is so much quicker. In fact, one of my patients was biking 15 miles only 2 weeks post-surgery! I am so excited to be a part of the RAMC orthopedics team!”

Dr Dale offers many other cutting edge procedures including anterior hip replacement, stemless shoulder replacement, and performs tourniquet-less knee replacements to decreases thigh pain and improve outcomes.

Together, with our excellent anesthesia team that is experienced in the lasted nerve blocks to help make surgery as comfortable as possible and our exceptional rehabilitation therapy department, we look forward to helping our patients get back to an active and pain free lifestyle.

To see Dr. Christopher Dale, call Reedsburg Area Medical Center Specialty Group, 768-3900.