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RAMC Foundation Supports Madison College-Reedsburg and Nursing Mothers!

June 20, 2022

The Madison College-Reedsburg Campus is the first of the college’s seven locations to have a dedicated, fully outfitted "Mother’s Room." It has been equipped with a sink, refrigerator and now a state of the art, hygienic, closed circuit/multi-user breast pump! The Mother’s Room on campus was created during a remodel following a reallocation of space and was completed two months ago.

"The campus is honored to partner with RAMC Foundation by overcoming barriers to recent mothers, which were identified for both our student and staff populations. We had seen many returning adult students that need a space to support breast pumping between classes and/or clinicals. The former non-dedicated space for students and staff was a shared office/testing location that often-forced students or staff to have to rely on the bathrooms or empty classrooms for breast pumping when it was occupied for its other uses. We see this Mother’s Room as part of our commitment in supporting new mothers as they return to school or work. Madison College recognizes the health benefits that breastfeeding offers to mothers and their infants and this is another resource we offer by being a family-friendly place to work and receive an education."

Pictured left to right: Shawna Marquardt, Regional Director-Madison College; Linda Spencer, Reedsburg Campus Manager-Madison College; Megan Haas, RAMC RN, IBCLC, and Ryan Bohen, Director of Human Resources and RAMC Foundation Board Member.

RAMC Foundation was honored to donate a breast pump to the Madison College-Reedsburg Campus. To take part in helping RAMC Foundation continue to support our local healthcare needs and for more information on how to contribute to RAMC Foundation, please contact Carol Lankey at 608-524-9088 or by email at clankey@ramchealth.org. You can also donate online by visiting the RAMC website at www.ramchealth.com/ramc-family/ramc-foundation.