Keep your feet warm in the cold weather

Feet can sweat even in extreme cold. I asked Dr. Baker how my daughter, whose feet sweat in her farm boots, can keep her feet warm in these cold temps. This is what she told us:

"I would recommend that she wears a synthetic or wool blend sock that wicks moisture away from the skin. The old saying “cotton kills” can be applied to staying warm; cotton holds moisture to the skin and can lead to colder temperatures.

Wearing an insulated rubber boot will trap moisture as well. This does present a problem for working in colder weather. Feet do naturally sweat, but some types of spray antiperspirants can help slow down how much sweat is released. Just like daily application under the arms it can be sprayed on the bottoms of the feet lightly. Sometimes having a foot warmer in the boots keeps the toes from getting too cold when the moisture level is high from the shoes being unable to breathe. 
If she has to wear rubber boots, finding a pair that allows ventilation (roomy at the leg) can help release the moist air. Sometimes it helps to find a rubber or waterproof boot that does not have an insulated liner, therefore it has space for moisture to get away from the skin when wearing a wool blend or synthetic sock."
Good advice.