Construction around RAMC

registration open
Newly Opened Patient Payment & Registration Area - March, 2019












new mcc

MultiCare Center (MCC) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are very excited to unveil our new private inpatient rooms on West!






sleep lab open

Sleep Study rooms with a private restroom and shower open











Central Utility Plant

The central utility plant will be the heart of our facility as far as heating, cooling and hot water. Current boilers are from 1975 and cooling units from 1993 to 1996, and the current components have reached their capacity. Life expectancy isn’t much more than 40 years for the boilers. The plant is expected to open late fall 2018.

Photos below: A is the Penthouse, which will house the new air handling units. Second photo below shows the exterior as of September, 2018. Third photo shows this from the front of the Hospital and the fourth photo shows the interior of the Penthouse as of July, 2018. B is the Central Utility Plant (CUP) and C is where the Cooling Towers will be.

Construction Drone 3 18 Crop W2

Updated Construction progress - September, 2018, below

A and B are near completion.

Drone 9 2018 W

Construction Penthouse From Front W

Penthouse Interior

Photo above, the interior of the Penthouse (the building on the roof of the roof, for mechanicals), will hold three air handling units, two for second floor and one for Lab, as well as a heat exchanger and pressure reducing station for steam. This is still under construction but you can see some of the duct work that will attach to the air handlers and then go down to second floor for heating ventilation an air conditioning. When the air handlers are installed there will not be lot of extra room.

After completion of the Central Utility Plant construction will start on components inside the medical center. The facility has plans to put in a new pharmacy, add a new laboratory and remodel in-patient rooms to private single patient rooms.

We’ll take it wing by wing by wing until we have all four wings upstairs on the second floor and all the areas below on the main floor all renovated. It’s going to be greater comfort and convenience, faster turnaround times and better service for our patients.

The full expansion project is expected to be completed in Fall 2019. Van Meeteren said the updates are to make sure RAMC is providing the best care to its patients and employees.

Note: There are 7 Phases total, each in a specific area. Some departments will be moving around but all will remain open during construction.


Changing roads and adding parking lots - completed
  • Behind the hospital, along Ridgeview Drive, RAMC added approximately 200 parking spots. 
  • One of the new parking lots behind RAMC features a technology upgrade with five charging stations for those with electronic cars.
  • Storm sewer and water works were replaced along 19th Street coming up to the buildings.
  • Signifcant straightening of the road took place on the corner of 19th Street and the current Ridgeview Drive. The once very sharp corner, which is a main roadway between Hwy H and Hwy K, is now much safer for the community.
Now and Then

Top photo - the road now. 



9 12 2017 W

Const 8 18 2017 W

Const 8 02 2017 W

Bottom photo - the road then.

Const 7 19 2017 W