RAMC’s Bright Smiles Program Brings Brushing to School Classrooms!

Did you know?...RAMC's Bright Smiles Program takes brushing into the classroom! Participating classes are provided (free of charge through generous donations) toothbrushes, paste and supplies for classroom children.

A volunteer comes into each classroom and through interactive storytelling and games teaches the correctbright smiles way of brushing and the importance of good dental hygiene. And at the end of the school year the children are provided with brushes and supplies to last the summer. Why do we do this? Because statistics show that, as an example, 25% of WI Head Start children ages 3-4 have untreated dental decay (WDA.org). That means in a class of 18 students 4-5 of them have untreated decay! To us, that is unacceptable. If you would like more information on RAMC's Bright Smiles Program call Emily Herritz at 524-6487, ext. 2006.