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Step 2 — Charting Your Course

As your due date nears, it is time to schedule your next visit (the Pre-Birth Conference) with your nurse navigator.  Please call the Birth Center at 608-768-6251 to schedule your Pre-Birth Conference. This is required for all 
patients, even if you have given birth here before, to 
ensure a smooth admission at the time of your labor.

The meeting will take less than one hour and needs to be completed between 32 and 40 weeks for all patients delivering here. 

At this meeting, we will:

  • Complete your health history
  • Discuss ways we can help make your birthing 
experience enjoyable for you (review birthing 
plans if you have one)
  • Discuss procedures that will occur and complete 
consent forms as necessary
  • Complete Water Birth education which is required for those desiring this option
  • Provide sibling support if requested
  • Continue education and answer questions that 
you may have

The Pre-Birth Conferences are held at the Birth Center. Call for an appointment — (608) 768-6251.

Childbirth Education Classes

When you meet with your nurse navigator during the first visit, you can sign up for a childbirth education class that meets your needs, including:

  • In Person Childbirth Preparation — Saturday class. See our Events page or below for current classes or call the Birth Center at (608) 768-6251. Cost is $30.
  • Breastfeeding Class - See our Events page or below for current classes or call the Birth Center at (608) 768-6251. Cost is $10.
  • The Milkvine at RAMC Breastfeeding
 Support Facebook Group (The Milk Vine is a private facebook breastfeeding group for person-to-person sharing). If you are interested in joining please search for us on facebook or contact Jan Hasler, RAMC Birth Center Lactation Consultant at 608.768.6135

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2018 Childbirth Education Class Dates 

Saturday Childbirth Classes

Classes run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
Cost is just $30

  • November 10
Breastfeeding Class 

Basics of Breastfeeding covering confident start, latching, breast pumps and pumping, tips for success and more. 
This class is included in the Saturday Childbirth Class, or may be taken on it's own for $10.

Class runs from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

  • November 14

We also offer Sibling Support and Grandparent Education. Please call the Birth Center at (608)768-6251 to set this up.

Waiting for Baby DVD

This DVD discusses the importance of waiting at least 39 weeks for delivery.  We encourage you to view this DVD at some point in your pregnancy.  It is only 20 minutes long and can be viewed at RAMC Physicians Group, the Birth Center, or through this link. If you plan to take Prepared Childbirth Class, it will be shown at that time.

We look forward to serving you!

Step 3 — Arriving at Your Destination

Your Birth Center Nursing Staff - Here for you 24/7 - 608-768-6251